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7IM integrates 7IMagine App with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office

10 August 2017

Seven Investment Management’s (7IM) App, 7IMagine, is now integrated with Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office, enabling clients’ personal and financial information to populate 7Imagine, removing the need for rekeying.

Details of a client’s family, any properties held, as well as any financial or physical assets are able to be systematically loaded into 7IMagine to enable the use of My Future, the cashflow planning tool embedded in 7IMagine.

Any information is flagged so that additional figures added by the adviser and client are clearly distinguished. Subsequent reviews of the plan will allow the adviser to refresh and update the data from Intelliflo ensuring the cash flow plan reflects the most up-to-date personal and financial details.

Talking about the integration, Verona Smith, head of Platform, Seven Investment Management (7IM) said: “With state retirement ages changing, expected longevity under scrutiny and people’s finances becoming increasingly complex due to a plethora of pension and saving schemes and ISAs, it’s no surprise that people struggle to keep on top of their retirement investments. Cash flow modelling is an important way to engage clients with their portfolios and help them gauge how close they are to reaching their goals.

“A recent pension survey commissioned by 7IM determined that some 35% don’t think they are saving anything and 15% are unsure of what their position is. A further one in ten stated that they don’t understand enough about pensions and it’s paralysing any financial planning.

“People are put off by the way we operate as an industry. We’ve done too little to help advisers and their clients get a handle on investments and savings in an engaging way. We all appreciate that technology can help people get to grips with their money. That’s why we’re committed to the continued development of 7IMagine – innovation that’s continuing.”

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