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7IM hosts 12 ‘Retirement Challenge’ adviser roadshows

22 January 2018

Seven Investment Management (7IM) is hosting a series of regional adviser roadshows at 12 locations up and down the UK over the next few weeks.

Entitled ‘The Retirement Challenge’, the roadshows start in Scotland and end in Bournemouth. The events are free and CPD certificates are available.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, co-founder and head of Corporate Development, 7IM (pictured) said: “With increased regulation, greater choice, and increasingly complex client needs, these roadshows are intended to give advisers some practical steering points from some of the UK’s leading experts.”

Key speakers include:

• Steve Bee, Pensions Strategist and CEO of Jargonfree Benefits:  Steve will be tackling a number of hot pension topics including the thorny issue of DB transfers.

• Mark Polson, Principal & Mike Barrett, Consulting Director, the lang cat will discuss have you got your centralised retirement proposition nailed?’

• Tony Wickenden, Joint MD & Nick Edwards, Associate, Technical Connection will delve into how to embrace tax alpha by utilising the tax wrappers available to you and your clients. For the Glasgow and Edinburgh events, Julia Peake, Technical Development Manager, Sanlam and John Haley, Technical Sales Manager, Utmost will cover these issues.

• Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies & Graeme Codrington, Futurist and CEO of Tomorrow Today and The Future of Work Academy will be at our London event to enlighten us all on what the future retirees can look forward to, and we are not talking about world cruises!

7IM’s investment team will discuss the economic and political backdrop, risks and opportunities and the challenges of demanding valuations, low bond yields and unusually low volatility. They will also explore why an increasing number of institutional players are looking at the alternatives space for solutions.

To book a place go to: www.7im.co.uk/adviser-events.

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