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7IM and Distribution Technology launch 3 Risk Targeted passive portfolios

14 September 2017

Seven Investment Management (7IM) has joined forces with Distribution Technology to launch three new passive UCITS funds, under the latter’s Dynamic Planner brand.

The funds will sit as part of the Dynamic Planner Risk Targeted Managed range, using their asset allocation to the Dynamic Planner risk profiles.

The low-cost funds will be managed by 7IM’s fund management team, under the guidance of chief investment officer Chris Darbyshire (pictured).

The 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio funds will follow the asset allocation provided by Distribution Technology, investing in a range of asset classes including equities, government and corporate bonds, index-linked gilts, cash and near cash, real estate and certificates of deposit, via exposure to futures and funds.

Tom Sheridan, chief executive officer, 7IM, says: “This launch will offer advisers and their clients the combined expertise of 7IM and Distribution Technology, at low cost, using rigorous risk management to the Dynamic Planner risk profiles. Distribution Technology is a good fit with us, with a risk management approach which complements our own and with a tried and tested asset allocation model, advice technology and fund research.”

Sheridan says the co-branding of the funds reflects close involvement from both sides, with Chris Fleming, Dynamic Planner’s director of Asset and Risk Modelling, sitting on the investment committee for the portfolios.

Fleming says: “We are getting more and more demand from advisers for funds which are risk targeted. We are delighted to be working with 7IM on this fund range, and sitting on this investment committee.”

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