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5 tips on how to set yourself apart in interviews

10 April 2019

Preparing for your interview will ensure you stand out from the competition.  Preparation and being confident about your abilities are key for success, says Alison MacMillan, Reedglobal.com

  1. Dress to impress

It goes without saying that financial services in general and so the financial advice market, is still very smart and business like in its dress code. Business attire is always the best way to show a future employer you are taking the interview seriously.

  1. Know your CV

Be prepared to discuss your roles in depth.  Clients want to assess your product knowledge. Talk about any research tools you use, platforms and show your technical expertise about products.

  1. Know why you want this role

Employers are always looking for candidates who are passionate about working for them. Do thorough research about the company and have good reasons prepared on why you want to work for that organisation.  Start with the company website, view the company’s LinkedIn page and google press releases so you can discuss any recent news stories.

  1. Be prepared to sit further exams

Diploma qualified is now the bare minimum requirement for most companies.  Working towards Chartered and beyond will set you apart. In particular the qualification AF7 is highly desirable at present.

  1. Be able to tell them why they should hire you

If you are capable of sharing your skills, experience and most importantly your personality with your company you will stand out.  Employers love a candidate who is energetic and charismatic. If you can explain your compatibility with the job and company you will portray yourself as a confident and motivated individual.

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