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Utmost Wealth launch capital redemption option

14 September 2017

Utmost Wealth Solutions has continued its development with the launch of a capital redemption option on its Dublin-based Delegation and Selection bonds.

This enhancement complements the capital redemption option that is already available on the Group’s Isle of Man-based portfolio. The addition to the Dublin offering comes just three months after the launch of Utmost Ireland and delivers additional flexibility in estate planning, managing the timing of chargeable events or when there is a need for more control over the choice of beneficiaries.

Utmost Wealth Solutions now offers greater choice via a suite of life assurance and capital redemption bonds via both its Dublin and Isle of Man offices, with Dublin offering a full discretionary fund management option through the Delegation Bond.

This latest development is a further demonstration of the Group’s commitment to the UK adviser market and comes at a time when it is celebrating a heritage dating back 25 years in the offshore market. Over this period it has attracted over £12bn of assets on behalf of over 36,000 policies.

With a string of product and service awards over this time, Utmost Wealth Solutions is well-placed to continue delivering solutions to UK-based advisers with high net worth clients for whom offshore bonds can provide an ideal solution in fulfilling their wealth management, retirement and estate planning requirements.

The full product suite is backed up by Utmost Wealth Solutions’ highly-regarded technical team who can assist advisers on how offshore bonds can help deliver alternative solutions to clients’ financial planning needs.

Simon Woolnough, Head of Sales, Proposition and Marketing at Utmost Wealth Solutions said, “We have ambitious growth plans for Utmost Wealth Solutions. The addition of a capital redemption option to our Dublin-based portfolio is a further demonstration of this commitment. It enhances the range of options advisers can offer their clients when considering the most appropriate financial planning solutions via a choice of capital redemption or life assurance bonds, in addition to a choice of jurisdiction.”

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