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31 DFMs now signed to FE Transmission, research provider reports

15 February 2018

A total of 31 discretionary fund managers have signed up to model portfolio research and analysis service FE Transmission, in just under three years since its launch.

The growing list of subscribers to FE Transmission includes Brewin Dolphin, Brooks MacDonald, Charles Stanley, 7iM, Old Mutual, LGT Vestra, FE Invest, Thesis Asset Management, Bordier, Standard Life, Liontrust and Quilter Cheviot.

Launched in March 2015, FE Transmission was designed to meet adviser demand for a tool that supports due diligence and transparency in the model portfolio assessment process. The service allows users to research and analyse firm’s portfolios using FE Analytic’s performance tables, charts, factsheets, FE Risk Scores and holdings-based research.

Matt Surfleet, commercial director at FE, said: “It has been great to see the DFM community responding to the needs of advisers and putting transparency at the core of their service.  Feedback from advisers and DFMs shows that both groups are seeing the benefits of being better connected via robust, comparable data and having greater transparency in the investment process.

“Reaching 31 DFM subscribers is significant because advisers now have even greater power to compare model portfolios with their own legacy portfolios, conduct comprehensive due diligence and demonstrate exactly why their DFM recommendations are paying off for their clients.”

Simon Doherty, lead portfolio manager of the Quilter Cheviot MPS team, signed up to FE Transmission in 2017 and commented: ”We have been delighted to partner with FE in making our platform-based MPS and MPS Index (IDX) strategies available to advisers via the Transmission service. We see our association with FE Transmission as another exciting milestone in the evolution of our MPS – assisting advisers with their due diligence, portfolio selection and reporting through this innovative service.”

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