June 2018


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31 August 2017


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Paraplanner Profile

Caroline Stuart tells Rob Kingsbury what her role as head of Technical Solutions at DB Wood entails, how she thinks paraplanning will progress as a profession, and why she is the host at this year’s national Paraplanners’ Powwow

Day in the Life of…

Ever wondered how an investment analyst at an asset manager spends their day – Benoit Labeyrie, Europena equities analyst at Architas spills the beans.

Vulnerable clients

Ask who your vulnerable retirement clients are and you may be surprised by the answer

DFM due diligence

A look at processes that can help paraplanners improve due diligence on their discretionary fund manager partners

Preparing for MiFID II

The implications for advisory firms of MiFID II and three ways to minimise its impact

Investment Bonds

How UK investment bonds can be used to achieve tax efficient growth


Plus we highlight some top tips on Suitability Report Writing from the recent Howwow seminar

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