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Have you completed our latest Parameters Survey?

13 September 2017

Call out to our readers to complete our latest Parameters Survey

Thank you to everyone who has completed this month’s Parameters Survey. If anyone has yet to do so, the deadline is close of play on Friday.

The latest survey focusses on

1. DB Pensions Transfer

2. Questions from paraplanners about their role in the advisory business.

So, if you are involved in DB Pensions Transfers in any way, and/or have views on the influence of the paraplanner in financial advice firms, please spare us the few minutes it will take to complete our form.

Here’s the link: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3816016/Para-Meters-special


Everyone who completes the form will be entered into the prize draw that we offer with every Parameters Survey, with one lucky paraplanner scooping £50 worth of Amazon vouchers.

Many thanks,

Rob Kingsbury


Professional Paraplanner

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