February 2018


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  • The ‘what’ of trusts: Loan trusts

    30 May 2017

    In the second article of our trust series, Helen O’Hagan, Technical Manager at Prudential, makes the trust journey simpler and less complex. Last month, she looked at gift trusts and this time she covers loan trusts. In this article, I’ll cover: W – why use a loan trust H – how to use a...

  • Would you take a tennis racquet fishing?

    22 May 2017

    Les Cameron, Head of Technical, explores defined benefit pension transfers from a technical viewpoint, tackling the topics such as transfer values and transfer drivers. Total access to your pension fund, the reduction in tax on death benefits and the ability for non-dependants to ‘inherit’ your pension were game changers in the advice world. In...

  • CPIH – Taking the rise out of inflation?

    15 May 2017

    As the Office for National Statistics changes its official inflation measure from CPI to CPIH, Moira Warner from Prudential’s Technical team takes a brief look into the future to consider what this might mean for the uprating of official pensions and public service pensions. In the uproar surrounding Donald Trump’s election victory in early...

  • Insurance bond part surrenders – new rules for ‘wholly disproportionate’ gains

    8 May 2017

    The ‘5% rule’ for insurance bonds is widely used and enjoyed by individuals and trustees. Graeme Robb, Senior Technical Manager at Prudential, explores the new rules for ‘wholly disproportionate’ gains. Key points The ‘5% rule’ for insurance bonds is widely used and enjoyed by individuals and trustees Where cumulative 5% allowances are exceeded, the...

  • Probate Fees – a tax on bereavement?

    27 April 2017

    Linking probate fees to the size of a person’s estate is effectively a tax on bereavement. Liz Hardie, Technical Manager at Prudential, explores how families with large estates will now have to start considering ways to reduce the size of their estate before they die. Background The Ministry of Justice ran a consultation between...

  • The ‘What’ of Trusts – Gift Trust

    20 April 2017

    The concept of trusts can be confusing and complex for many paraplanners and advisers. Helen O’Hagan, Technical Manager at Prudential, explores the ‘what’ of gift trusts. We are going to take you through a simple and succinct journey of standard insurance company trusts over the next few months. We will start with gift trusts...

  • It’s not high earners, it’s high income

    11 April 2017

    One of the hot topics for  pension planners over  the last year is the introduction of  what is commonly referred to as “the tapered annual allowance for high earners”, which became effective on 6th April 2016.  Les Cameron, Head of Technical at Prudential explores the subject. It is intended to restrict tax relief for...

  • Drawdown rates

    30 March 2017

    Promulgation of a ‘safe’ withdrawal rate for drawdown investors is dangerous, argues Andrew Pennie, head of Pathways, Intelligent Pensions Recent research by Aegon and EValue declared the ‘rule of thumb’ safe withdrawal rates for drawdown are out of date but then went on to announce additional ‘rule of thumb’ rates based on a sliding...