November 2017


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  • UK investors among most upbeat in Europe despite Brexit

    17 September 2017

    UK investors remain optimistic in their outlook, despite concerns over Brexit and record low interest rates, new research from Legg Mason Global Asset Management has revealed. A survey by the asset manager found that half of UK investors felt “somewhat optimistic” about the returns their investments could achieve over the next 12 months, while...

  • 7IM and Distribution Technology launch 3 Risk Targeted passive portfolios

    14 September 2017

    Seven Investment Management (7IM) has joined forces with Distribution Technology to launch three new passive UCITS funds, under the latter’s Dynamic Planner brand. The funds will sit as part of the Dynamic Planner Risk Targeted Managed range, using their asset allocation to the Dynamic Planner risk profiles. The low-cost funds will be managed by...

  • Technology-based investments – is history about to repeat itself?

    13 September 2017

    There are some worrying signs, says Ben Preston, analyst at Orbis Investments, but this is where a contrarian approach comes in, assessing businesses on their own merits. From a top-down perspective, the prolonged outperformance of certain technology-focused companies has begun to raise eyebrows among those of us with first-hand experience of the inflation, and...

  • Rory Percival publishes guide to risk profiling tools

    13 September 2017

    Rory Percival has published his much awaited report on the capabilities of the major risk profiling tools in the market and raised concerns around the tools’ limitations and “significant differences” in mapping asset allocation. Rory Percival has published his new report – An ex-regulator’s guide to risk proofing tools – as an independent follow up to the concerns raised by the...

  • Don’t take new sustainability ratings at face value, warns asset manager

    12 September 2017

    Kames Capital has raised issues with selecting funds based on the new sustainability ratings from ratings agencies. Investors picking funds must not look at the new sustainability ratings from ratings agencies in isolation, as they fail to tell the whole story, says Kames Capital. While the newly launched ratings have their part to play...

  • North Korea vs US – what impact on investments?

    11 September 2017

    As North Korea continues to provoke the US by flaunting its nuclear capabilities, should investors be worried and how should they position their portfolios?  Anthony Rayner, manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, comments on this tense situation. There has been a lot of noise, provocations, threats and serious flexing of military muscle between the...

  • Where to look next for lower risk value?

    10 September 2017

    David Jane, manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, says that in seeking lower risk value emerging markets have come upon the asset manager’s radar There are concerns about the impact of low volatility and cash flows into risk assets, against a background of negative real interest rates and continued economic growth. Combined with a...

  • Investment houses paying 17% more for advice

    5 September 2017

    Cost to funds of advice services around asset allocation and stock selection has jumped over the last three years, with average investment advisory fees increasing by 17% from 35bps to 41bps, according to the latest edition of Fitz Partners Investment Advisory Fee Benchmarking Report. The average gross management fees (including distribution fees) moved down by...