November 2017


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  • Can sustainable investing improve returns and reduce risk?

    12 October 2017

    Seven Investment Management believes sustainable investing can improve returns and reduce risk, but warns investors must do their homework. According to Camilla Ritchie, senior investment manager at 7IM, investors must ensure their views on sustainability match the funds on offer. She said: “The lines between sustainable and ethical can be quite blurry and funds...

  • A lesson in bias?

    10 October 2017

    What’s in a name? Recent research by 7IM highlighted an interesting if improbable trend, says Ben Kumar, Investment Manager, and a potential lesson in bias Stepping back and looking at investments from a helicopter view always yields some interesting trends that aren’t always apparent when you’re studying individual companies, industries, sectors and geographies or even...

  • When investing, is ‘no place like home’ a behavioural bias?

    10 October 2017

    Investors tend to favour their domestic markets but is that a case of better the devil you know? Anthony Rayner, manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, argues for limiting client biases and taking a more dispassionate approach to overseas investing. It’s well documented that investors have a home bias, regardless of their location globally. Understanding why this...

  • Clients over 50 now more willing to take financial risk new survey finds

    10 October 2017

    The number of over 50s willing to take financial risk has grown despite the uncertain economic and political backdrop, new research from Retirement Advantage has revealed. The Retirement Sentiment Report Expanding Horizons found the proportion of over 50s in the UK willing to take a ‘reasonable amount of financial risk’ increased from 24% in August...

  • Netwealth launches portfolio cost tool

    6 October 2017

    Digital wealth manager Netwealth has launched a new online tool to help investors find out how much their wealth manager is charging them, amid a push on transparency. The Portfolio Cost Calculator aims to help investors understand the different charges involved in having their wealth managed and the questions they should ask their money...

  • Will Carney stick to caution?

    3 October 2017

    Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has been toying with investors’ emotions for so long that markets really should be used to it by now, Rathbones head of fixed income Bryn Jones argues. Like an unreliable boyfriend, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is all talk and no action. In the immortal words of...

  • Why ‘blue chip’ and ‘quality’ companies are under attack

    27 September 2017

    Disruptive companies pose a threat to the well-established incumbents, says Margaret Lawson, manager of the SVM UK Growth Fund The calm of overall market progress doesn’t seem to match current turmoil. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a number of well-known companies, including FTSE 100’s Provident Financial, Dixons Carphone and WPP, catching investors by surprise...

  • Technical: Structured products – American or European Barrier?

    26 September 2017

    Which works best – American or European barriers in structured products? Ian Lowes, founder of, looks at how they both work and pits them against example market crashes. In a year where, to date, every single FTSE 100-only capital at risk product has matured with a gain, it might seem like a strange...