November 2017


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  • Is property investment looking good again for long-term investors?

    26 July 2016

    With property investment trusts currently offering annual dividend yields of 5% and discounts to net asset value of 9% on average, is now the time for long-term investors to consider investing in commercial property? Russ Mould, investment director at AJ Bell, looks at the figures. The recent suspensions of a number of the most...

  • Multi-asset funds need alternatives to ‘broken’ duration protection

    21 July 2016

    Historically low yields in government bonds are impacting the efficiency of duration for multi asset funds, says Claus Vorm, manager of the Nordea 1 – GBP Diversified Return Fund. As a consequence of the historically low yields offered by developed market government bonds, exacerbated by Brexit, the traditional role of duration as a natural counterbalance to equity beta is...

  • Structured Products: A lifeboat in rough seas?

    13 July 2016

    Current markets, where uncertainty rules and volatility is inevitable are where structured products come into their own, not least because of the range of investment options they offer investors, says Ian Lowes, founder of The uncertainty around the impact of the Brexit vote means that volatility will continue to be a significant function of...

  • Advantages of investment in property via the closed ended structure

    7 July 2016

    As a series of open ended property funds suspend trading, AIC’s Jemma Jackson examines investing in property through the closed ended structure The Property Specialist investment company sector has seen a significant proportion of new the overall shares issued into the market this year, in part driven by enticing yields, which currently are averaging 5.5%. The sector is...

  • Equity Income investing –the importance of growth / value focus

    6 July 2016

    Income investors’ current huge bias to growth is a great opportunity for value, but it also throws up questions around risk and diversification, says Nick Kirrage, fund manager, Equity Value, Schroders Value and growth are often viewed as two sides of the same coin. If your portfolio is 50% in value-oriented investments, therefore, it...

  • The headache of fixed income market correlation

    5 July 2016

    As bond markets become increasingly correlated, Arif Husain, head of international fixed income at T. Rowe Price, asks whether we’re seeing the end of the bond barbell strategy. Bond market sectors are becoming increasingly correlated—and this is bad news for fixed income investors seeking to manage risk through sector diversification. In the past, different...

  • Leave vote: Focus on the long term says Neil Woodford

    24 June 2016

    Commenting on the EU referendum result, Neil Woodford, head of Investment, Woodford Investment Management says the Leave vote “is not as negative a development as the market’s initial reaction appears to imply” “The people of Britain have voted to leave the European Union. This clearly represents a very significant decision for the UK, for the...

  • Is QE emergency medicine too addictive to reverse?

    23 June 2016

    David Jane, manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, looks at the effect of QE and negative interest rates on the bond markets The European Central Bank’s corporate bond buying programme was flagged several months ago, giving financial markets time to adjust, therefore its impact has already been felt in reducing the cost of borrowing...